Upgrade your texts with Jamaica's personal touch.

Say Hello to Jamoji®! Jamaican's only keyboard of cultural expressions, phrases, food and places.

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Jamaica's OFFICIAL Emoji Keyboard

  • Categories

    Jamoji® has Jamaica's cultural expressions, lifestyle, food and places in picture texts. Whether you're at home or abroad, express the real you, with Jamoji®!

  • Easy Sending

    Send Jamoji® to family and friends either from the keyboard or the main App.

  • Jamoji® for everyone!

    Experience up to 300 high quality Jamoji®, you'll find one for every conversation!

  • More of Jamoji® to come.

    Get ready for new releases- more images right to your handheld device.


Experience Jamoji®!


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Listen to Jamoji®'s Jamaican debut on RJR Beyond the Headlines with Dionne Jackson Miller:

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